A legacy of agriculturists, educators & entrepreneurs

Commenced in 1990, as a family legacy, Gir Lion was initiated as Lion Paper and Packaging company. Eventually, with expansion, the business was spread across multiple industries beginning with food, agriculture, education and more. The family also contributes to political activities to empower the communities in town. Gir Lion was born out of our ventures in agriculture and food industry and the regional speciality of Kesar Mangoes.

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Totally into Mangoes

Totally into Mangoes

Gir Kesar Mangoes are world-famous, because they are grown in Gir, authentically, like always. They are grown by the generations of farmers whose forefathers were also into Kesar Mango cultivation. We are farmers who don’t have to wait until the fruit ripens to know its quality. We see the flower and we know the quality of our fruit.That is how much we know mangoes!

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It Began as an Ambitious Vision

We want the world to have the taste of what we grow- juicy, sweet, real Gir Kesar Mangoes. Cultivating mangoes is our passion. But the late 90s were difficult years. The production of mangoes reached its maximum potential but on the other hand, the demand didn’t grow at the same pace, thus the average price went lower. This resulted in decreased yearly returns for the farmers. The situation got more difficult in the early 2000s when farmers started cutting their ages old mango farms and began cultivating crops having small crop cycles. At such difficult times, we activated our efforts to get the Kesar mangoes to the Indian domestic markets and started finding value-adding options. We approached them and invited them to collaborate with us to earn fruitful returns by selling us the yielded fruits directly from the farms. In the next step, we started the export of fresh mangoes that opened new doors for the Kesar Mango markets. After eliminating the glitch of middlemen, farmers can now have money directly in their hands. Currently, almost 80% of farmers of this area are involved in Mango Cultivation since the last 50 years.

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Many farmers have joined us in making the taste of Gir Kesar Mangoes famous worldwide. Our strength is unbeatable. See.

  • Controlling 1200 acres of Kesar Mango Farms directly in Gir region
  • Most of the farms belong to our close friends & family members
  • Converted 900 acres of Kesar Mango Farms over 15 Years and 300 acres are under the conversion
  • Contracted 300 acres of Alphonso Mango Farms in Valsad region for Organic practice
  • The farms are certified for different Organic Practices i.e. Demeter, Bio Suisse, Naturland, Global GAP, NOP, NPOP
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