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Growers of the heavenly taste

Growers of the heavenly taste

Empowering the community of farmers is always our prime focus. To make this happen, we have strategically developed a strong suppliers network of 1250 small, medium & large farmers over 12 years. We are adding more and more farmers to our network every year. Farmers who don’t have land, we ask them to farm on our land and that way help them do what they do best without compromising on the income part.

Now we provide advanced agricultural practice training to the groups of Organic & Conventional Farmers on a regular interval according to their location, land and needs for better yields & quality of the fruits.

Training Model

Farmers Training Model


To the Farmers

  • Make them familiar with every advancement in all segments
  • Better crop production
  • Better returns
  • Single point sale

To the Company

  • Can acquire the desired quality
  • Can get the perfect idea of crop quantity
  • Single point purchase